Overview Advantages Cost Benefits Case Study

Sentury Software

Software Advantages

  • supports organizational compliance with all existing and emerging standards, guidelines, and best practices
  • supports organizational governance
  • supports Occupational Health and Safety
  • leverages system investments
  • excellent return on investment
  • low cost of ownership with on-going value
  • cost-effective use of existing staff
  • fully scalable and secure
  • interfaces with organizational infrastructure
  • facilitates quick and decisive response
  • promotes multi-level collaboration
  • establishes confidence in a safe and secure environment
  • assists your organization in establishing risk management policies and objectives
  • assists your organization in understanding its risk, security, preparedness, response, recovery, and continuity requirements
  • an enterprise-wide solution
  • creates an understanding of the roles and responsibilities required of members
  • establishes metrics for measuring and demonstrating success
  • provides the flexibility to enable your organization to define its boundaries and unit involvement
  • assists in safeguarding life safety, property, and reputation
  • assists your organization in fulfilling its duty of care responsibilities
  • demonstrates due diligence (litigation)
  • facilitates anticipation and synergy
  • adapts to your organization’s specific needs and resources